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On the Road to Yuba City, CA

As of Thanksgiving Day, November 2015, Ethnofilms relocated to Northern California...Yuba City. This photo is taken through Stacy's Jeep windshield driving on the first day moving there. A long story but it would still be another month, until beginning the new life (incidentally, on Christmas Eve). Ahead, and not far from her new home, are the Sutter Buttes, known as the smallest mountain range in the world!


Welcome to Ethnofilms, a place where pictures tell stories via an independently run production vortex since 2005 owned and operated by Stacy Waymack Thornton.

Ethnofilms represents a multitude of projects, some have origins from ethnography but may also include other works that are experimental as well. Additionally, Stacy has penned many original screenplays as well as created projects that mix cinema vérité, oral history, ethnography and fiction (both original and adaptations). Yes, it sounds like a lot of "stuff all over the place" but Stacy is not only a "scientist" but a professor and an artist as well.

By using the art of traditional "ritual of discovery" film methods, exploring visual anthropology on film, and whether telling stories that are original or making a type of "literature on film," Ethnofilms mission is to deliver to its audience the feeling of "being there."

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